Come play MinecraftEdu!

We are really proud of how far MinecraftEdu has come in a short time, and so we’re excited to start showing it off and hearing feedback.  You can have the chance to play it for yourself at the following two completely free events:

  • Games in Education 2012 - August 1 - 2, Troy, NY - Joel will give a presentation about the potential of teaching with Minecraft and run a hands-on workshop with MinecraftEdu
  • QuakeCon 2012 - August 2 - 5, Dallas TX - We will have a booth in the main exhibitor hall where you can meet us, and MinecraftEdu.  We are also giving away 1000 copies of the MinecraftEdu Premium edition to players in the BYOC LAN!

And if you want to hear more discussion about game-based learning and its potential…

  • Slate Magazine / New America Foundation Present: "Getting Schooled by a Third Grader" - August 9th, Washington D.C. - Joel will appear on a panel discussion with other experts for a frank discussion about the how new technologies impact education.

Now, who said teachers take the summer off?  We’ve been hard at work on MinecraftEdu as you can see by reading Aleksi’s Development Blog.  Many new useful and powerful tools are being introduced.

Coming soon… Quiz Blocks!  FUN FACT: A correct answer can trigger redstone!

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