Twitter Roundup - 9/4/14

The end of summer is clearly in sight as we pull together another fine collection of student and educator work on twitter with MinecraftEdu.

Starting us off is a twofer from Jason Wilmot from Lincoln, NE with some student builds.

These are fantastic examples of a little engineering and creativity at work! Thanks for the share Jason!

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Twitter Roundup - 8/11/14

Summer continues with more educator professional development and more epic student work!

Starting us off, is Coast USD, in Cambria, CA with a well made video from their Minecraft Camp 2014, featuring student work and student feedback!

Thanks for the share!

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Twitter Roundup - 7/29/14

This week on the twitter roundup we have some maker camp action, and educators demonstrating some great MinecraftEdu techniques for other educators.

Kicking us off is a radical reimagining of Minecraft textures in a vine from the Young Makers Lab.

Thanks for the share!

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Twitter Roundup - 7/10/14

Welcome to this week’s roundup! We skipped a post last week because we were in sunny Atlanta, Georgia attending ISTE 2014 ! So this week we’ve got a few extra tweets to share!


Kicking us off this week is a tweet from @johnnyreb, a teacher from Maynooth, Ireland with a well composed and comprehensive write-up on his experiences using MinecraftEdu in the classroom. He includes references to the materials he used, where he found good information and a great explanation of how and why MinecraftEdu worked for him and his classes.

Thanks for the share!

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Twitter Roundup - 6/19/14

Lots of great work this week on Twitter by both teachers and students! But first, we want to remind those in the UK about our spot on BBC Breakfast, that will be airing Friday, June 20, that features our own Santeri Kovisto! It will also be available on the web.


Kicking us off this week is a tweet from Santeri about a news report on German television about students using MinecraftEdu for chemistry and computer science.

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Twitter Roundup - 6/13/14

There was a lot of great stuff on twitter this week! Here’s a slice of what we saw!

First up is a tweet from Simon Baddeley, English Teacher at Holy Trinity Barnsley in UK. Pictured is our own Santeri Koivisto speaking with Tim Muffet for BBC Breakfast.

The segment should air next week! Thanks for the share!

Next up is a photo of a student model of soil contamination made in Minecraft. This is a great example of the kinds of alternative visual modeling that can be done by students using MinecraftEdu.

Thanks for the tweet!

Here we have a photo from Mia Billmark, a teacher in Sweden, who tweets her students as they execute their builds!

Thanks for sharing Mia!

Jay Eitner, Superintendent of Lower Alloways Creek School District in New Jersey shares a photo of students engaged in MinecraftEdu.

Here in the U.S., many schools are winding down for the summer and it can be tough keeping kids involved in lessons as the school year comes to a close. As Jay here illustrates, it’s not so tough with MinecraftEdu. Thanks for the tweet!

Our next tweet comes from Mr. Wideen, showing students working on multiple games in an enrichment period.

We love seeing students hard at work with Game-Based Learning! Thanks for the share Mr. Wideen!

Lastly, we have a tweet from a Special Education teacher in Melbourne, Australia.

What we love about this, is it illustrates how MinecraftEdu can reach students of all kinds at so many different levels! Thanks for the share Mathieiu!

As always, keep on tweeting!

Features! There’s New Features on the Horizon!

Recently, we’ve been making some changes to both our Launcher and some of the classroom moderation features of MinecraftEdu. As is our policy, we frequently release new versions with these changes as development builds which anyone can try by updating through our Launcher. After thorough testing and feedback from users, we are now ready to release a new Stable build for MinecraftEdu!


Some of the major changes you will discover in some of the recent development builds:

  • Improved assignment functionality - Give multiple assignments to students, track their progress.

  • User security - Students can now password protect their usernames.

  • Block Inspector - Right now it simply identifies the the block you are looking at.  Much more to come with this tool in the future!

  • Home Blocks - Example use: students can place a block in their house, then teleport back there at any time.

  • Frozen students are now even more frozen! Restricted mouse movement, students no longer able to place or dig when frozen.

  • Improved mod support for some popular mods such as Galacticraft.


Coming this summer:

  • 1.7.x Support - New biomes, expanded command blocks, improved graphics and more.


As always, the full changelogs can be found in our wiki.

We love to let our users play with new features as soon as we make them. While these are not final builds and often times new bugs can appear, we appreciate all the help!  Oh and kids LOVE to be beta testers and find bugs! If you would like to avoid the bugs, you can stay with the latest Stable Build, which will always be available for download from the Members Area.